Education Philosophy

St. Mary’s College, in carrying out its education and research founded on “the spirit of Catholic love,” pursues its goal of instilling a rich human nature and profound refinement in its students, cultivating a scientifically-based nursing practice ability based on a superior level of nursing knowledge and skills, and nurturing sincere, competent persons of talent able to contribute widely to the health of human society.


Through its lectures, St. Mary’s College is engrossed in human cultivation that will enable the attainment of a rich human nature capable of respecting human life. These lectures take up the bioethical problems associated with the latest biomedical advances of the last few years, and encourage students to think about human dignity and the value of each individual human existence.

Roy Adaptation Nursing Model

In 1990 a sister college agreement was established with Mount Saint Mary’s University (Los Angeles, then Mount St. Mary’s College), which was the cradle of the nursing model of nursing education and practice developed from the clinical experience of Sister Callista Roy, and to this day students and faculty of both institutions are engaged in lively exchanges. The Roy Adaptation Association of Japan (RAA-J), the Japanese branch of the American-based Roy Adaptation Association (RAA), was organized by three Catholic nursing colleges, Seibo College of Nursing, Tenshi College, and St. Mary’s College. Through these activities, St. Mary’s is continuously striving to search for people who can become “supporters of human life.”

International Cooperation

St. Mary’s College is involved in international cooperation based on its founding philosophy. International medical cooperation toward developing countries is primarily carried out through the dispatch of instructors and graduates of St. Mary’s College as experts in their fields in response to requests from international cooperation organizations.

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The origin of St. Mary’s Educational Corporation is Ide Medical Office, which was opened in Kurume City in 1915. Yozo Ide, who was the director of the hospital, was an enthusiastic Catholic and a selfless doctor who served the poor who were unable to receive adequate medical treatment.
After the World WarⅡ, in 1953, St. Mary’s Hospital, Our Lady of the Snow Medical Corporation was established. Ichiro Ide, the former Director, succeeded Yozo, his father, and dedicated the Corporation to the Virgin Mary and renamed it “Our Lady of the Snows.” The basic guiding principle of the Corporation was to popularize medical treatment and education based upon the Catholic Spirit of Love. Therefore, the main role of medical care activities of St. Mary’s Hospital is to provide medical care to the community. This, in fact, has been demonstrated through the provision of first-aid medical care activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year since 1964. Nothing but the spirit to serve and carry out love can provide 24-hour-a-day medical care to those who seek and need treatment. St. Mary’s Educational Corporation has continued and is managed under the basic policy behind the establishment of St. Mary’s Hospital, its parent body. The philosophy is centered on the “Catholic Spirit of Love”.
St. Mary’s High School of Nursing, a nursing school attached to St. Mary’s Hospital, was established in 1973. It was the predecessor of the present St. Mary’s College. Later it became St. Mary’s Specialized School of Nursing. In 1986 it became St. Mary’s Junior College and offered a three-year Nursing Course plus a one-year Graduate Course in Community Health Nursing and Midwifery. In April 2006, St. Mary’s College was inaugurated and now offers a four-year program. In June 2006, we became a member of the JACU (Japan Association of Catholic Universities). In April 2010, our college established its Graduate School, offering an M.S. program in nursing as well as CNS courses. In April 2013, the Advanced Midwifery Course was added to the Faculty of Nursing.
At a time when humanism is being lost and the meaning of life is being questioned, our school, based upon its basic guiding principle and with the objective of educating and training talented people, will help students attain wisdom through the guidance of God. Those who do not lose hope even when facing difficulties have a bright future ahead of them. They also face great responsibilities.


Ide Medical Office is established by Yozo Ide

February 1948

Ide Hospital opens

March 1952

Our Lady of the Snow Social Medical Corporation is established

September 1953

St. Mary’s Hospital, Our Lady of the Snow Social Medical Corporation, is established

April 1973

St. Mary’s High School of Nursing, 2-year Nursing Course of Our Lady of the Snow Social Medical Corporation, is established

June 1976

St. Mary’s High School of Nursing is renamed to St. Mary’s Specialized School of Nursing

November 1982

St. Mary’s Educational Corporation is established. The corporation’s name is changed from “Our Lady of the Snow Social Medical Corporation” to “St. Mary’s Educational Corporation”
(Ichiro Ide, Executive Director)

April 1984

Establishment of Public Health Nursing and Midwifery Departments at St. Mary’s Specialized School of Nursing

April 1986

St. Mary’s Junior College opens

March 1988

2-year and 3-year Nursing Courses at St. Mary’s Specialized School of Nursing are discontinued

March 1989

Public Health Nursing and Midwifery Departments at St. Mary’s Specialized School of Nursing are discontinued

March 1989

St. Mary’s of Specialized School of Nursing is closed

April 1989

St. Mary’s Junior College Graduate Department (Community Nursing and Midwifery) is established

April 1990

International Nursing Course within the Community Nursing Department is opened

April 1995

Establishment of St. Mary’s Health and Welfare School
(Michio Ide, Executive Director)

April 2006

St. Mary’s College inaugurated
(Saburo Ide, Executive Director)

June 2006

St. Mary’s College becomes a member of the JACU (Japan Association of Catholic Universities)

April 2010

Establishment of the Graduate School of St. Mary’s College

April 2013

Establishment of the Advanced Midwifery Course

September 2017

New Library completed.

Our Lady of the Snows Church was completed in 1896 and was the Catholic Church in Daimyo Town, Fukuoka City until 1984. A new cathedral was built in Daimyo, and the old church was brought to St. Mary’s grounds and restored to its original state. Now it is used by hospital patients and their families. It is also the spiritual home of all the people who work at St. Mary’s. Next to the church is a replica of the Lourdes Grotto in southern France. It even has water flowing out of the rocks in the cave opening.

Leadership & Academic Structure


St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus Nobu Ide, MD, PhD.

Executive Director

Francisco Assisi
Saburo Ide, PhD.

Dean of the Faculty of Nursing

Tsuyako Hidaka, MSN

Dean of the Graduate School

Naoko Masaki, PhD.

Department / Course Degree to be obtained
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduate School of Nursing Master of Science in Nursing
Advanced Midwifery Course  


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